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All partners organized Workshops to present results of the questionnaire and conduct discussion about knowledge, understanding, application and training of COLREGs. The survey was conducted among students of maritime school , maritime college students , lecturers in the education of seafarers , sailors on merchant ships, port authority workers, employees of VTS, pilots and commanders of the fishing boats and yachts .

Workshops were organized:

  • UoR - 04 April 2014, in Rijeka, 42 participants were involved in discussion
  • C4FF – 07 April 2014, in Southampton,13 participants were involved in discussion
  • C4FF (additional workshop) - 12 July 2014, Plymouth University
  • PRU – 09 April 2014, Tuzla – Istanbul, 13 participants were involved in discussion
  • NVNA – 28 April 2014, Varna, 16 participants were involved in discussion
  • SPIN – 10 February 2014, Portoroz, 19 participants were involved in discussion
  • SeaTeach – 11 April 2014, Cala D’or, Mallorca, 6 participants were involved in discussion

ACTS Final Conference

The ACTs project was invited to formally present and in a panel session at the 2015 IAMU General Assembly in Croatia. There were a number of presentations by the project team and a panel of project representatives were present throughout the General Assembly to answer any questions.

The project team also established a computer bank where delegates of IAMU could try out the ACTs online course for themselves throughout the conference.

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